My name is Khristina, and I live in Boise, Idaho. I have a Fiancee, Dominic Farrow, and a beautiful baby girl named Lylli. They are my world, but some of my hobbies include hanging out with friends, smoking bud, longboarding, getting piercings and tattoos. my brand of cigarettes just so happen to be the most expensive kind here but you pay for what you get and Parliaments are the best. Ive done pretty much everything and at least tried the majority of the common drugs. I enjoy them on occasion but i do have my limits. I work at a shit ass call center dealing with stupid mother fuckers all day but i get paid well to do so. Im a little vain so feel free to complement me. Im constantly doing up my crazy hair but i love it. I think girls are hot and some guys are too, hit me up if you wanna chat anytime and ask me questions whenever you feel like it.